Thursday, 12 March 2015

2 year anniversary

Hey Guys,
Happy Thursday!
Today may seem like any old Thursday but this day 2 years ago I signed up to blogger and wrote my first blog post. Little did I know I would be celebrating 2 years later.

The past two years

In the last two years I have become friends with some amazing bloggers and I have found so many really great blogs. I also have been lucky enough to have been nominated for tags & awards. A few weeks ago I organised my first guest posts on this blog.
( which can be read here)
Thank you to anyone who has been apart of this.

Why I started blogging?

Before I started blogging I watched a lot of  beauty YouTube videos & really wanted a go myself. But I wanted something a bit more anonymous. That's when I discovered blogging & knew it was the perfect creative outlet for me.


Why I blog

I've always been very creative (or so I have been told). Blogging is a way for me to be creative while talking about the things I love. It also allows me to spread positively & awareness about certain things.


The future 

Hopefully I will continue blogging for a long time. In the future I would like to keep making  posts that mean a lot to me. I also want to continue to frequently upload posts.

 To anyone who has ever commented, wrote a guest posts,tagged me or read any of my posts. I would have quit long ago if I didn't have the wonderful support that I have I'm very grateful.

Thank you for everything
Love always & always,