Saturday, 7 December 2013

Christmas day outifts

Christmas Day Outfit I deasChristmas day outifts

Hey guys,
Firstly can I just say a huge thank  you to everyone who has read my blog, I know I don't get too
 many comments,but I only started a few months ago, and I recently hit 550 page views this is a huge achievement and I just want to thank my loyal followers on bloglovin and all the friends I have made through this fantastic hobby.If you new.You can follow me thorough Bloglovin >>

I hope everyone is enjoying the build up to Xmas as much as I am, I'm currently seated with hot chocolate with my mam watching telly
So I recently joined a lovely website called Polyvore, which allowed me to make this collage.^^
Since its only a few days till Christmas I decided to do a Christmas Day Outfits collage.

Here is what I've come up with:

1. Topshop purple velvet skirt
I don't know why but velvet really reminds me of Christmas, I think this would be really nice with a white shirt or an over sized jumper, with black tights and ankle boots.

2.Daisy tunic dress
I really like this and think its nice and casual and very festive. I think this would be very nice with Doc Martins or Chelsea boots 

3.Tartin Primark/Pennys dress
Ok I know what your thinking Summerbay school uniform from Home and away? But I really love it, and proudly own it and probably think this is what I'll be wearing Christmas day.

So the next idea is more casual and comfy. I know some people like to wear comfy clothes on Christmas day and others like to dress up. Personally I like to go comfy on Christmas Eve and dress up on Christmas day.

4.Topshop Gingerman Jumper and New Look Christmas Leggings
I love the gingerbread man jumper , this is by far my favorite Christmas novelty jumper I've seen yet.

The leggings, well New Look are my favorite place to go for leggings and these just the cutest leggings ever.

I hope this was helpful and a bit different. Dont forget to comment telling me what you'll be wearing for Christmas and what your think I should wear. Again thank you so much for reading and being apart of my blogging journey :')

Love always and always,
Nixie xx

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