Sunday, 22 February 2015

Beginners Running Essentials


Hey Guys, 
If you have read my post about my 2015 goals, you'll know that this year I want to be able to run 5k.  So far I'm no pro but I have made a start so today I will be showing you my beginners essentials.
Nike Running App
I really like this app & use it everytime I go running. The app tracks speed, distance & time. It also let's you know when you run your fastest mile or longest kilometer. It has really helped me out in tracking my progress.

 A Good Playlist
Something I couldn't run without.. music. Whenever I'm listening to music I forget that I'm running & the time seems to fly by. I like to chose upbeat songs to get me motivated. 
This is my current running  playlist
Ready to Run- One Direction 
Addicted to Progress- The Coronas
Sing- Ed Sheeran
Alive - One Direction
Rather Be- Clean Bandit ft. Jess Glynne
Don't Stop- 5 Seconds Of Summer
You Make Me- Avici
Burn- Ellie Goulding
Mark my Words- The Coronas
Climb- Miley Cyrus ( don't judge haha )

The Right Gear
Before this year I had no proper running gear. I recommend Sports Direct as they have great value sports gear. I like Karrimore & Nike's running gear. Also Pennys/Primark are doing a great selection of workout gear too. It is important to wear reflective breathable clothes while running.
The Right Runners
Finding the right shoes is so important ( you don't want to get shin splints, there horrible). Running puts a lot of  pressure on your feet, especially if you are running on pavement. Having supportive running shoes is defiantly an essential for me.
Sports Bra
 Sports bras should be an essential for all women no matter what. Not wearing one can lead to pain & stretch marks. There are different types of sports bras available for different sizes. Sports bras are so important & I defiantly recommend getting one if you plan on doing intense exercise.
I hope this helped any of you who are thinking of taking up running.
Let me know any of your tips or running essentials
Love always,

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