Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Get to know me: A-Z

(I know this photo is blurry but I love it. It was taken on a bus home after a really great day with friends. My best friend fell asleep beside me & the sun was setting out the window & I couldn't help but take a pic.)
Hey guys,
Today I will be doing a get to know me tag, I've seen a lot of people doing this lately & I thought it seemed fun.

A. Attached or Single?
Single as a pringle.
B. Best Friend?
The lovely Inkspots.
C. Cake or Pie?
Pie but give me either, I'll eat either.
D. Day of choice?
Probably Saturday but I do love a good Friday evening.
E. Essential Item?
 Moisturiser, I have very dry skin.
F. Favourite Colour?
 Green, it has been ever since I was 8.
G. Gummy Bears or Worms?
Gummy bears but I'm not a huge fan of jelly sweets.
H. Height?
 5f 3'
I. Indulgence?
 Currently.. stuffing my face with pancakes & maple syrup
J. January or July?
July, I prefer Summer so much more to Winter
K. Kids?
3 please, not now later
L. Life is not complete without...?
 Chicken Noodles 100%
M. Memory you cherish?
I cant pick just one, there's a lot, concerts, weddings & birthdays.
N. Nicknames?
O. Oranges or Apples?
 I've had both today I would say apples but they make me feel sick at times.
P. Pet Peeves?
I don't have any major pet peeves.
Q. Quotes?
"She turned her cant's into cans & her dreams into plans"
R. Reasons to smile?
 Family,friends, plans, summer. There's always something to smile about.
S. Season of choice?
 I get excited for all of the seasons but I'd have to say Summer followed by Autumn. 
T. Tea or Coffee?
Tea, I cant stand coffee, only a caramel latte.
U. Unknown fact about me?
 I'm double jointed in my arms ( or so I have been told)
V. Vegetable?
W. Worst habit?
 Crackling my knuckles, I can't stop.
X. X-Ray or Ultra-sound?
I've never have had either.
Y. Your Favourite Trip?
 Holiday to New York
Z. Zodiac sign?
Gemini, common characteristics include: Independent, Indecisive & Communicator
(according to a random website I looked up.)
I hope you enjoyed, if you have done this tag be sure to let me know in the comments below & I'll check it out.
Love always,


  1. This is such a great tag. I haven't heard of it before enjoyed reading all the answers!


    1. I really enjoyed writing it. You should defiantly give it a go!
      Thank you :)

      Nixie xx

  2. Replies
    1. Hehehe, You didn't know I had that photo did you?