Wednesday, 15 July 2015

My Skincare Routine- 50th Post!

Hey Guys,
Thats insane!

Recently my skin has been a lot better than usual , compared to this time last year its in a lot better condition too. I never really had a skin care routine before but I think I have finally found the products that work well for me.
Hopefully you enjoy!

Exfoliator - St.Ives Naturally Clear Apricot Face Scrub
I use this once a week to keep my skin exfoliated.

Whenever my skin is acting up or whenever my foundation
doesn't apply as well as it should.I know I need to a use this scrub. It makes my foundation apply flawlessly & prevents
it clinging to any dry patches. It leaves my skin feeling really smooth & soft. The scrub itself also smell really fresh of apricots.

Face Wash - Neutrogena Grapefruit Facewash

I use this face wash every morning to clean my face & wake me up before applying my moisturiser.

Honestly I don't think face washes have to fit much criteria. I know you can get specifies ones like blackhead clearing, mattifying etc. As long as they don't irritate your skin and smell nice then it suits me. I really love the smell of this, the grapefruit is really fresh & is certain to wake me up in the morning. I also like how it has a pump on it, it makes it a lot easier to use & controls how much I use. I have ran out of it & in replacement I bought the visibly clear spot clearing face wash by neutrogena.I'm looking forward to trying it & seeing if I like it as much as the grapefruit one. 

Spot Treatment- Neutrogenia Visabilly Clear Rapidally Clear 

Whenever I get any blemishes this is what I use

I recently started to use this spot cream & I really like it. I to use it on any blemishes & leave it on over night. But it defiantly quickens the healing process, reduces redness & drys out blemishes. It may sting though, you have been warned.

Serum - Bio Oil

I like to add Bio Oil to my moisturiser once a week

Adding Bio Oil helps to heal any scars & hyperpigmentation it also adds more moisture. If you have dehydrated skin I defiantly recommend this. It contains calendula, lavender, and rosemaryoils as well as chamomile extract and vitamins A and E.

Moisturiser - La Roche- Posay Intensive 24Hr

I use this every Morning after my face wash

I have talked about this moisturiser in my last favourites. Before using this my skin was very dehydrated & irrated especially on my T zone. I've tried other moisturisers including Dove ,Simple, Silcock base & Bare Minerals.They were all fine but defiantly not hydrating enough for my dry skin. Since using my La Roshe Posay moisturiser my skin hasn't been flaky or red and irradiated since & just looks healthier in general.

 Cleanser - Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water - Combination & Sensitive Skin

I use this after a night out to remover my make-up

 Its very soothing & gentle on the skin & non-perfumed either. There's something about putting perfumed products on my face that I don't like. It does a great job removing make-up & removes Benefits They're Real Mascara without much effort. It doesn't sting when I get it in my eyes either which is a bonus. You also get a lot of product for what you pay for (onsale for €4 currently in Boots). The only problem I find is that the cap will leak if left on its side. So I would not bring this travelling & instead transfer some into a travel bottle. I have seen in shop that they have made a new screw cap so maybe other people have been having this problem too.

I hope you enjoyed this let me know if you have tried out any of these products in the comments

Love always,

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