Friday, 14 November 2014

Winter Lookbook

Winter Lookbook

Hey Guys,
Today’s post is an exciting one, it’s my winter look book.
Instead of showing my outfits I have decided to change it up. I composed a few outfits that I like & would defiantly wear.
Outfit 1
I think this could possibly be my favorite out of all the outfits.
Hat: Topshop 45 euro.
Jacket: The Dreslyn 230 euro.
Shoes: Pennys/Primark 15 euro.
Pants: Topshop 52 euro.
Top:  New look 13 euro.

Outfit 2
Top: From New Look 7.57 euro.
Skirt: from New Look 23 euro.
Heels: from New Look 29 euro.

Outfit 3:
Dress: New Look 32 euro.
Lipstick: New Look 5.04 euro.
Shoes: New Look  32 euro

Outfit 4
Top: Northstrom 32 euro.
Pants: Topshop 56 euro.
Bag: New Look 32 euro.
Shoes: Vans 36 euro.
Hat: New Look 6.32 euro.
Coat: New Look 57 euro.

Outfit 5
Dress: New Look 23
Jacket: Topshop 265
Shoes: New Look 29

Outfit 6
Pants: New Look 23 euro.
Shoes: Asos 63.98 euro.
Top: New Look 28 euro.
Coat: River Island  115 euro.
Watch: Clares 20 euro.

Outfit 7
Jumper: Chickwish 35 euro.
Pants: Topshop 60 euro.
Boots: Dr. Martins 82 euro.

Socks: Nordstrom 9.63 euro.

Leave me a comment bellow telling me your favorite outfit.

Love always,



  1. Cute outfits! I really love all the chequered pieces :) I've tagged you in my latest blog post - Sinead | Sisterhood of the world bloggers award

    1. Yes they are my favorite pieces! Thank you so much Sinead, I'm nearly ready to post it!
      Nixie xx