Monday, 10 November 2014

Winter must-haves.

Winter must-haves.

Hey Guys,

Today I decided to kick off the first winter post of the year.
This post is going to be a must-haves.

Last year I showed you guy’s some of my must haves for the winter season, I had a lot of fun making that post so this year I thought I'd do an updated version.

1. Winter Boots
If you read my '2014 wish list' you will see a pair of Dr Martins which I had dreamed about getting for months. Well about three weeks ago I decided to splurge, & now I finally have them. I absolutely adore these boots. They are not only fashionable but very durable I will defiantly be wearing these on cold winter days.
  • I got the 1960 classic 8 tie boots in black in Schuh for €130, Schuh give 10% off to 3rd level students.
2. Oversized coats
If I have to go somewhere during a cold winter evening, you can 100% guarantee I’m wearing my big woolly coat.
·         I really love this coat from La Garconne, only problem, its 493.85.

3. Velvet
Whenever I see velvet I automatically think of winter. I think velvet will make a strong appearance in clothes shops this winter (and if it doesn’t I’m going to wear it anyway).I especially love velvet dresses, these two are my favourite’s picks.
·         The black one is from .
·         The red velvet dress is from Bethany Moats collection at Aeropostal.

 4. The Pony Fishtail
Usually I like to have my hair out of my face when I am at school or working. But recently I have been styling my hair like this. It gives an ordinary ponytail a bit more detail & it’s a great way of working a plait without having to worry about shorter layers falling out.

5. Dark nail polishes
During winter I love wearing darker nail polish. My favourites are greys, reds and maroons.
·         The maroon one is from O.P.I called ‘in a Holidaze’
·         The Essie one has no name, but a grey colour I love from Essie is Chinchilly.

6. Tartan
I could go on and on and on about how much I love tartan, but I’ll keep it short. Tartan has always been one of my favourite patterns. But for this winter it has hit a whole new extreme.
·         This scarf (which I really want) is from Selfridges, but I’m pretty sure most shops will do tartan scarf’s this winter
·         These leggings are from New Look (which I really want also). These can be worn casual or glammed up on a night out.

7. Dark make-up
Just like nail polish I like to wear darker make-up in the winter, especially berry coloured lips. My all time favourite lipstick is Revlon’s Black Cherry, which is a dark maroon colour
·         This lipstick ( again I really want it) is from M.A.C in colour ‘Rebel’
·         This gold glitter eye shadow which is perfect for Christmas time is from Bare Minerals.
·         I adore the colour of this eye shadow, but I fear I might be too scared to try it. It’s from Trish McEvoy.

Let me know your winter must-haves in the comments below & also leave you any requests or suggestions!

Love always,

Nixie xx

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