Wednesday, 5 August 2015

An Open letter to My Future Husband

Dear Future husband,

First of all I really hope no one digs this post up on our wedding day because that would be embarrassing. But if they do Hi everyone I hope your all having a good day & don't forget to tell me how good I look ;)

On a serious note, I'm dying to know where we meet oh God please say it wasn't Tinder..I feel like it was some random pub or nightclub. Where are you from? Ireland more than likely. I have my money on Roscommon. When do I meet you? According to my horoscope I meet you very soon but I call bullshit. Hopefully not that soon I'm not ready yet I barely know how to put on a wash or do taxes.

God what's love like? Have you been heartbroken before? Have I? It crazy to think you are living some where going about your every day. Living the stories that you'll someday share with me.

Ohh Whats our wedding like? Did dad walk me up the aisle? I hope he did. Are my siblings there? My nephews? Do I have a niece? How many? I cant wait for our wedding ( why am I getting emotional?)
My bridesmaids! Chummy better be there! Do I even know all of my bridesmaids yet? 
Are all of my friends and family there? I hope they are happy for us.

Our first dance, is it an Ed Sheeran song? Do we stumble over each other? If we do I'm blaming you, I did dance for several years. Do I have a 'Is this real life?' moment like I've dreamt of ? 

What's you family like? Please tell me I get along with your mother. I'm sure I do. Do you have siblings? I cant wait to meet them I hope they all like me. Maybe you're an only child.

I hope we live in a nice house & are very happy. As for children, we will hopefully have 2 or 3. Don't laugh but I like the names Poppy, Grayson, Alexa,Andie, Maddi,& Charlie. Oh ya & were having a daughter called Skye, you have no choice in the matter ;).

I cant wait to meet you. See you in a few years

Happy 3rd day of BEDA!

Love always,
Your future wife Nixie x

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  1. Haha, I should write one of these, though I'm starting to feel like I'll never con a guy into liking me enough to ask to marry me.

    Corinne x